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Product Series

The company's five major advantages give you more protection

Chuangxin Group Advantage I

>Cctv-1 central propaganda enterprise.

>Passed ISO certification

>Has 15 invention patents

Chuangxin Group Advantage II

>Guangdong Packaging/Plastics/Express Delivery Association

> General tax-paying enterprises, 17 point VAT invoices

>National high-tech enterprises.

Chuangxin Group Advantage III

>Focus on logistics packaging for 10 years, quality assurance

>2015-17 alibaba strength seller.

>Shenzhen/Jinhua 6 etc., 30,000 sq.m.

Chuangxin Group Advantage IV

> Free design, free proofing. Small single order

Chuangxin Group Advantage Five

>7 days no reason to return (except custom)

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About Us

ounded in 2008, Shenzhen Chuangxin Packaging Group Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D, production and sales bubble film/bag, courier bag, all kinds of kraft paper/co-extruded film/pearl film/aluminized film composite bubble bag, plastic bag, etc. factory. Since the establishment of the company, relying on the rapid development of e-commerce and the hard work of all creators, the company has quickly become a dark horse in the packaging industry. As a benchmarking company in the logistics packaging industry...




High-end customized services increase product value, enhance image development, and prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting
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